Saturday December 3rd, 2011 19:58 So what’s SHOEMINT all about?

You’ve probably heard about the different shoe clubs online. There’s SHOEDAZZLE,  JUSTFAB, SOLESOCIETY and others. SHOEMINT is one of the newer venues. As of this post, they aren’t officially open, but they have released a few teasers in anticipation of their grand opening in January.

Most shoe clubs have a figure head. SHOEDAZZLE has Kim Kardashian, and JUSTFAB has Kimora Lee Simmons. SHOEMINT’s figurehead is Rachel Bilson. I don’t know much about her at the moment, but I will soon know if she has a talent for picking beautiful women’s shoes or not. She has teamed up with Nicole Chavez and Steve Madden to create the shoe lines. They are advertising that their shoes will be of superior quality and higher standards compared to the other shoe clubs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Thursday June 5th, 2014 12:54 Shoe Mint’s Dahlia | Shoe Mint Reviews

Real suede and leather, designed by Rachel and Nicole, Dahlia is a pair of smaller (2 1/2 inch) chunky heel booties.

Dahlia shoe mint shoes


I like the fact that they have plenty of ventilation to keep my feet cool in the summer. Although the price tag is $139.98, I like these boots.

They come in two colors, black and white. Even though the white would probably stay even cooler on sunny days, I opted for black because I have had issues with keeping white shoes clean.

On the negative side, these boots fit slightly loose for my taste, but again, that might help with keeping my toes from baking.

Now I need to find a nice skirt to go with them!


sh10353_04 sh10353_05

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Wednesday March 19th, 2014 14:14 Shoe Mint’s Price Structure | Shoe Mint Reviews

When I first started this blog, it was easy. Someone asks: What’s Shoe Mint’s pricing like? I would say: eighty dollars. Now I don’t have a quick answer.

I will readily admit that I don’t know how to run a business and I imagine Shoe Mint is changing it’s pricing based on what their competitors are doing, but it has become quite confusing.

A handful of months ago, Shoe Mint started selling some shoes at a price more in line with Shoe Dazzle and Just Fab. When I saw that I thought, “No brainer, they are throwing their hat in the ring to compete for that price demographic.

It was a good call imho. But my latest showcase of shoes has me scratching my head. Here’s a screenshot of this months offering:ShoeMint-Prices Shoe Mint Reviews

I don’t quite understand the gambit of prices. One of the things I liked before was the one price. Later on, when Shoe Mint went with the two price system, I didn’t mind, but I must admit that the multiple prices makes my selecting process more difficult. It’s another factor I have to think about.

Where before all I had to do chose what style and color I like most, now I have to factor in price, and it makes my decision making harder. Sometimes I obsess over a few pairs of shoes and when I’m about to chose I see the price and think, “Damn, I was sure that pair was 70 dollars, not 100.” Then I get flustered and log off.

I love some of the shoes I’ve gotten from Shoe Mint, and I will still buy. I just wish the prices were a little more consistent. What do you think?

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Thursday January 23rd, 2014 15:08 Shoe Mint’s Santander Sneaker | What I Think | Shoe Mint Reviews

This is not a comparison with shoes from other shoe clubs. This is a “How I feel” post. I purchased this sneaker for indoors. I take them to work and wear them after swapping out my winter boots (I swap socks too, snow is bad this year).

I chose the Army Green version and I have to admit, I have some buyers remorse. Don’t get me wrong, with neutral colors, they look good, but I guess I wasn’t thinking about days when I wear bright colors to work. If I had to do it over, I’d go with the gray.

Here are the color choices I had:

shoemintshoe reviewsshoemintshoe reviews_1shoemintshoe reviews_4

I guess I could have really limited my ensembles by getting the black and red polka dots!

I wanted a comfy shoe to wear around eight hours a day. I do moderate walking and this shoe keeps me feeling fresh and springy!

I have a burnt orange blouse that looks great on me and I want to wear it to work, but I haven’t. The shoe style fits perfect with the blouse, but my color choice nixed it for me. I was considering talking to customer support about returning them, but I couldn’t, in good conscience, do it. I’d already worn them a few times.

I am on the fence about buying another pair in gray. If they were cheaper I might pop for another pair. At 60 dollars, one pair is my limit.

I might look for a comparable pair of sneaks  at Shoe Dazzle or Just If they have something similar then I could do a comparison review.

Who knows, stay tuned…

p.s. heres a couple other views of Santander:

shoemintshoe reviews_2 shoemintshoe reviews_3

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Tuesday December 17th, 2013 14:44 New Anti-Spam Measures Taken

I just wanted to mention that I recently installed a new spam blocker to Shoemint Review. Lately I have been inundated with spam (400+ a week). I had been manually marking comments that were spam, but that has taken far too long to do. I rather be discussing shoes, not trying to read stuff that doesn’t make sense. The reviews of the spam blocker I have installed are great! So I hope there isn’t any problems. If there are any problems I am going to give out an email I made specifically for this. If your comment doesn’t get through please send me an email. it’s: bethany shoemint at g mail dot com.  Justy type it how you read it :)

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Wednesday September 18th, 2013 14:15 Shoe Mint Reviews | “Jane” All Leather Bootie

I am doing a feature for this post, not a comparison.

The reason is I cannot compare this Boot with any of the other clubs I buy from; it’s cost is significantly higher than my usual price range and doesn’t come close to the price of the other clubs.

Lets get the sticker shock out of the way:

The price for this boot is: $109.98

Yes, for this price, we could buy 3 pairs of shoes from the other clubs. I decided to buy, now I am going to describe them to you and let you decide if I made a good buy.

shoemint-reviews-jane-bootiesSo here is what Jane looks like. I preferred the black and white. I went back and forth, trying to make up my mind on which color to get. There is a tan and black version that is a little more subdued. Finally I decided on black and white because it had more “POP”.

The boot is all leather and smells wonderful out of the box.

The leather is supple, smooth and feels nice.

Under very close inspection, I found the sticking to be strong, clean and consistent.

The fit is nice, with my only complaint being that the high spot in the back started to bend due to my ankles being slightly big. There is also a small “pucker” on the upper front seem when I wear them.

I think, for the lady with thinner ankles, the back will be fine and the boots wont bend for you. The front though, that is a different story. The front of my foot is pretty normal looking and I think this boot will pucker slightly in the front for anyone who wears them. It’s not a big deal though. I don’t see that it makes the boots look bad. Although, over time, the pucker might start to wear in that spot and might look strange with much use.

I’m not going to say one way or the other about if I think the price was right for this all leather boot. You can decide for yourself. I will say the boot is high quality and I found no defects in the construction. They look exactly like they do on the website pictures and fit true to size.

Let me know what you think about them.

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Monday June 24th, 2013 14:22 A wave of negativity? Did something happen at ShoeMint? Complaints

When I started this blog, I was receiving nothing but good feedback about ShoeMint. I know I loved the shoes I purchased, and still do purchase (I haven’t experienced anything really “bad” with Shoe Mint yet), but when I moderated my waiting comments today, there were a few complaints about ShoeMint.

I’m only one person and I may missed something. I know there has been a change in pricing of some shoes. Whether that is a sign of something going wrong with the company I can only speculate, but I found the today’s comments odd and uncharacteristic of  the comments I usually receive.

Please post your thoughts on this.

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Monday April 8th, 2013 19:34 Comparing Shoe Mint’s 39.95 Shoes with Shoe Dazzle and Just Fab

So it has been a while since Shoe Mint broke new ground for their shoe company by offering some selections at a lower price of 39.95. This range has been dominated by Shoe Dazzle and Just Fab and both companies have a large fan base. Are their fan bases loyal? We shall see:

Before I go into the comparison, I want to warn anyone reading my blog to make sure and read ShoeMint’s descriptions. I was under the assumption that all Shoemints higher priced shoes were genuine leather. In the begining I think this was the case, but not anymore.

My first consideration for my monthly high end shoe was:


shoemint reviews Appilona

Appolina | $89.95 synthetic


This shoe is beautiful and I would buy it all day for 80 dollars if it were real leather.

I am sorry but I cannot justify the 80 dollar price for the faux material. Appolina is a stunning shoe but I think this should be in the 39.95 range.

Okay, now on to the comparisons:

First up is Shoe Mint

SHoeMint Reviews | cheaper shoesSylvia is in the 39.95 range and a shimmering contender to compete with ShoeDazzle and JustFab. It has a sexy laced pattern to show off  some skin and the heel is chunky style hip. They are constructed well, something  ShoeMint is known for and comfortable for the heel high.








ShoeDazzle’s Turn:

Shoe Dazzle rocks out a strappy chunky heel number with silvery style. Although I had second thoughts about the color combo of glimmering silver and blush, I have to say the shoes feel good! I expected some road rash on the tops of my feet where the straps rub skin, but I came out of a two hour standing event with my feet blemish free. ShoeDazzle Carmen | ShoeMint Reviews








Just Fab shines with Morticcia

The name fits the shoe. Sleek and sexy. Where I had a problem with the color combo on the ShoeDazzle shoe, this shoe has the color palette perfect. Slippery mettalics with satiny black is a win!

These shoes are my favs!SHoeMint Reviews | Morticcia The skinny heel is a challenge when compared to the other two shoes but this shoe looks amazing, and there is enough cushion to make the shoes comfortable for the style.





This time around I am happy to be able to compare ShoeMint to other clubs without having to take points out for the price difference. The winner in my eyes is JustFab but it is extremely close this time because the ShoeMint shoe was more comfortable and was close to equal aesthetically.

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Tuesday February 5th, 2013 16:37 Not all ShoeMint Shoes are Created Equal

ShoeMint Reviews | Cheaper shoes

ShoeMint’s cheaper shoes.

SHoeMint Reviews | cheaper shoesWait a minute, calm down. This is not a bad thing. I think it’s just ShoeMint is widening its customer base and going after ShoeDazzle and JustFab.

From the day ShoeMint opened its electronic doors, shoes have been 80 bucks (actually $79.95 but does that gimick really work? Probably, everyone still does it.), but now as you peruse the selections you may notice a price change on some items to 40 bucks ($39.95).

I have yet to purchase a pair of the cheaper shoes but from what I have seen in their digital showroom, some of the shoes are not genuine leather (P.E.T.A. will be happy).

I can hope that, maybe in some small way, my blog influenced ShoeMint to offer shoes at a cheaper price. Who am I kidding, it must have been some marketing guru.

This upcoming month, I will spend my 80 dollars and buy two pairs of the cheaper ShoeMint shoes and compare them to one pair of JustFab’s and one pair of ShoeDazzle or SoleSociety. JustFab’s for sure, because I have been seeing good stuff from them lately.

Keep an eye out for the head to head coming shortly.


ShoeMint Reviews | cheaper shoes
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Monday September 17th, 2012 20:00 The Story of Three Boots | ShoeMint Reviews

I decided to go and put a huge dent in my credit card! I bought three different pairs of booties and I am going to compare them here. Because I couldn’t see forking over my loot for three of the same boot, I went with different styles. In the end it’s my pocketbook and I have to get some use out of the items I purchase. So I will be commenting on fit, feel, durability and price but not design.




Shoe Mint’s Nancy ($79.95)

I was thrilled with Nancy right out of the box. I am a nerd girl and DC’s Harley Quinn is a favorite of mine. So the checker board style is what caught my eye (oops, no talking about shoe design).

This boot runs true to size and fit with only the slightest push about midway in. The material is supple and it has a gorgeous sheen. The zipper did “stutter” a little when I tried them, but here’s a tip. Take a sliver of ivory soap and run it along the zipper teeth. Problem solved! With all natural materials these shoes require care or you will end up with scuffs and blemishes. As for price, SHOEMINT shoes are $79.95 and the highest of the boots I am comparing. Some would say you get what you pay for. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tuesday June 12th, 2012 14:58 ShoeMint Reviews | ShoeMint Mia Vs. ShoeDazzle Emilie

When I said I was going to stShoeMint Reviews | Mia vs Emilieart doing head to head reviews of Shoe Mint with similar shoe clubs I didn’t think it would be that much harder. I was wrong. It takes a lot more research than expected, but when I get my mind set, I do it!

Today I am pitting ShoeMint and ShoeDazzle. I purchased ShoeMint’s Mia and ShoeDazzle’s Emilie. After getting both pairs and trying them out, I must say it’s close. Both shoes have their pros and cons.

ShoeMint : Mia

Mia is beautiful! I love the shape of the open toe. It’s downright sexy and it flows nicely with the rest of the shoe’s style. The suede’s color is buttery smooth and I found myself wanting to tough it. Read the rest of this entry »

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