Tuesday June 12th, 2012 14:58 ShoeMint Reviews | ShoeMint Mia Vs. ShoeDazzle Emilie

When I said I was going to stShoeMint Reviews | Mia vs Emilieart doing head to head reviews of Shoe Mint with similar shoe clubs I didn’t think it would be that much harder. I was wrong. It takes a lot more research than expected, but when I get my mind set, I do it!

Today I am pitting ShoeMint and ShoeDazzle. I purchased ShoeMint’s Mia and ShoeDazzle’s Emilie. After getting both pairs and trying them out, I must say it’s close. Both shoes have their pros and cons.

ShoeMint : Mia

Mia is beautiful! I love the shape of the open toe. It’s downright sexy and it flows nicely with the rest of the shoe’s style. The suede’s color is buttery smooth and I found myself wanting to tough it.

The shoe is comfortable (when considering the heel height of 5 1/2″) and  feels well constructed. If I had to find a complaint about this shoe it would be that, at times, the sides flar out a bit leaving a slight gap between the shoe and my foot. But that might just be my foot. No shoe will ever fit perfectly on every foot.

ShoeDazzle : Emilie

ShoeMint Reviews | Shoedazzle's EmilieI purchased Mia first and then searched ShoeDazzle for a shoe I thought looked comparable. I found Emilie to fit the bill.

While ShoeMint uses real suede, ShoeDazzle uses fuax suede. This, depending on the person, can be either a pro or a con. I will leave the debate about using animal hide to PETA. I can say the faux suede looks just as nice and I enjoyed the feel of it as much as Mia. The salmon color drew me to this shoe much like Mia’s beautiful mustard color.  The comfort level is slightly better with Emilie but the height is closer to 4 1/4″ so that’s a factor.

I would have preferred the faux suede to continue down to the heel and platform instead of the cork, but it wasn’t a deal breaker.

As for fit, Emilie did one thing totally opposite of Mia. Where Mia had a gap, at times, Emilie was a bit too snug. It left some crescent shaped red marks on the tops of my feet.

So, My final verdict for these two shoes: Both shoes are very nice, have their pros and cons but I like ShoeMint’s Mia a little more.

If I had to score them:

Mia 8/10

Emilie 7/10

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