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I decided to go and put a huge dent in my credit card! I bought three different pairs of booties and I am going to compare them here. Because I couldn’t see forking over my loot for three of the same boot, I went with different styles. In the end it’s my pocketbook and I have to get some use out of the items I purchase. So I will be commenting on fit, feel, durability and price but not design.




Shoe Mint’s Nancy ($79.95)

I was thrilled with Nancy right out of the box. I am a nerd girl and DC’s Harley Quinn is a favorite of mine. So the checker board style is what caught my eye (oops, no talking about shoe design).

This boot runs true to size and fit with only the slightest push about midway in. The material is supple and it has a gorgeous sheen. The zipper did “stutter” a little when I tried them, but here’s a tip. Take a sliver of ivory soap and run it along the zipper teeth. Problem solved! With all natural materials these shoes require care or you will end up with scuffs and blemishes. As for price, SHOEMINT shoes are $79.95 and the highest of the boots I am comparing. Some would say you get what you pay for.




Sole Society’s Leylani ($59.95)

My first out of the box impression of Leylani was that this boot was a good competitor to size up against SHOEMINT’s  Nancy. They are booth nicely constructed and the quality seems top notch. They too fit true to size. It wasn’t until I put them on that I felt something wrong.  The heel design is angled quite a bit and doesn’t flare out enough at the bottom to make this boot balance right IMHO. I kept feeling like I was about to fall backwards (I am pro at walking in heels too!).
My weight seemed to push back on the back of my foot making the back lip of the boot dig into my leg. I wish I could say more about this boot but I didn’t wear them long enough to comment on durability. The heel was a deal breaker.
Cost wise these boots are $59.95



Just Fab’s Yuni ($39.95)

I have a few JUSTFAB shoes and I love them, but when I get a new pair I always have the expectation of being let down. I think it’s because of the price and the fact that they use man made material as opposed to natural animal hide. So far being let down hasn’t been a problem.

When I put my Yunis on I found them to slide on with a little effort midway (equal to the SHOEMINT). The boots were nice and padded, comfort level was great.  I have to say I wore these to work and after about 7 hours they did build up some heat. Of course I have been wearing a lot of sandals lately. JUSTFAB shoes cost me $39.95.


So after testing them out, first place is a tie. I love the SHOEMINT and JUSTFAB boots. JUSTFAB would have won out with the lower price this time if not for SHOEMINT’s awesome pattern (I know I lied about design not being a factor.)




4 Comments on “The Story of Three Boots | ShoeMint Reviews”

  • Kelli Lomaz January 24, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    My first three shoes from Shoemint were genuine leather, but my last pair look pretty shady. Have they changed policy or has it always been some leather some fake?
    Do I need to look for a “made with genuine leather” sign?

  • Chris Sheffield March 23, 2013 at 12:22 am

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They will charge your credit card every month, rob you blind and never pick up their “custiomer service” phone. DANGER DANGER DANGER. You’ll be sorry you ever heard of them.

    • Bethany April 8, 2013 at 6:43 pm

      I can only speak from personal experience, Shoemint has never charged me monthly. I do visit my shoe selections monthly though.

  • Brandy May 23, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    I now own 4 pairs of shoes from ShoeMint, and it’s true you MUST read before you agree to their terms – but their terms are very clear as long as you read them. After your first purchase, they retain your billing information and will charge you $79.98 on the 6th of every month unless you either make a purchase between the 1st and 5th OR between the 1st and 5th you most log in and go to your “credits” and choose to “SKIP THIS MONTH.” If you forget, you should not expect a refund, but the charge to your card is a CREDIT to spend on a future purchase. **Note: your “credits” must be used in the full-amount. Example: I purchased a pair of shoes which were $59.98 thinking it would use my credit, and I would still have a credit of $20. Wrong. You must spend $79.98 or more to use your credit. So if you have 2 credits, totaling $159.96 and you make a purchase of $100.00, you will still have to pay $20.02. The credits are applied automatically when you go to check out.

    Ps. I learned all of these things the hard way (experience) and then I read the terms to make sure I wasn’t being “ripped off.” I don’t feel I have been because I LOVE all of the shoes I’ve purchased from them, and all of this information is in black and white in their terms.

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